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  • Los peces triple aletas del Santuario de Fauna y Flora Malpelo, Pacífico colombiano

    Rojas-Vélez, Stephania; Beltrán-León, Beatriz Susana; Tavera, José; Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras “José Benito Vives de Andréis” (2021)
    La familia Tripterygiidae incluye a los peces conocidos como triple aletas por la división en tres segmentos que caracteriza la aleta dorsal de sus especies. De las 183 especies reconocidas como válidas para la familia solamente 16 se distribuyen en el Pacífico oriental, incluyendo dos endémicas y únicas representantes de la familia en el Santuario de Fauna y Flora Isla Malpelo: Axoclinus rubinoffi y Lepidonectes bimaculatus. El presente trabajo aporta datos morfológicos y ecológicos de la etapa larval y adulta para las dos especies de triple aletas del santuario. Con respecto a las larvas, la abundancia promedio fue de 1,88 individuos/m2 para A. rubinoffi y 0,25 individuos/m2 para L. bimaculatus en las estaciones nocturnas donde fueron recolectadas, a 0,8 y 1,61 km de distancia al occidente y en localidades muy cercanas a la isla como El Arrecife y La Nevera. Los adultos fueron recolectados alrededor de la isla entre 0-30 m de profundidad y su abundancia fue de 0,22 individuos/m2 para L. bimaculatus y de 0,19 individuos/m2 para A. rubinoffi. Se amplía el conocimiento de la variabilidad natural de los rangos morfológicos de ambas especies y se evidencian diferencias entre las densidades poblacionales encontradas en previos estudios. Para entender las dinámicas poblacionales de estas
  • Study on distribution characteristics of wind speed field in the sea area of Ly Son island of Quang Ngai province

    Tran, Van Chung; Ngo, Manh Tien; Nguyen, Van Long (2020)
    On the basis of the data source of the 10 m wind field above the sea with the hourly frequency and during the period of 41 years (1979–2019) by the NCEP CFRS, we used the probability distribution functions to study the distribution law of wind speed in the waters of Ly Son island. Specifically, four distribution functions (normal distribution, gamma distribution, Weibull distribution and extreme value distribution) were used to estimate the characteristic parameters of the shape and proportion of the wind distribution in the waters of Ly Son island.
  • Fluctuations of wind and temperature fields in Ninh Thuan-Binh Thuan waters and its possible relationship with coral bleaching

    Van Chung, Tran; Manh Tien, Ngo; Van Nguyen, cao (2020)
    Temperature and wind on the sea surface are factors affecting the development of coral reefs in the seawaters. The research results show that the warming of sea water under the condition of weak wind field is considered a major threat to the bleaching of coral reefs in the sea areas of the Ninh Thuan - Binh Thuan provinces.
  • International Coastal Atlas Network Newsletter Vol. 9 No. 2

    Sherin, Andrew (International Coastal Atlas NewtorkHalifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 2020-12)
    This issue the ICAN newsletter focuses again on the UN Sustainable Development Goals with articles on the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and other SDG relevant articles. It has a highlighted article on the Maryland Coastal Atlas and an update on the Ocean Information Hub.
  • Водные биоресурсы и среда обитания. Том 4, вып. 2

    Bragina, T.M. (Azov-Black Sea Branch of the FSBSI “VNIRO” (“AZNIIRKH”)Rostov-on-Don, Russia, 2021)
    Chlorophyll-α in the Azov Sea has been studied according to the data of remote sensing of the Earth collected in 2006–2019. Biology and spatial distribution of roach Rutilus rutilus heckelii and common bream Abramis brama juveniles in the Don River have been characterized for the period of 2020. Abiotic environmental factors in classification of the water from energy facilities have been investigated for aquaculture purposes. Reproduction results of the semi-anadromous fish species at the floodplain spawning and rearing farms (hatcheries) of the Azov Sea and Kuban River region have been summarized for 2020. Preservation techniques for zostera (eelgrass) washed ashore as storm debris are described. Long-term dynamics of the bream stocks in the Azov Sea (Russian waters) has been tracked based on the results of CMSY modeling under the conditions of limited data availability (2002–2020). Possibilities of the short-term forecast of the catch of the European sprat from the Black Sea stock off the western coast of Crimea are suggested.

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