Recent Submissions

  • A sub-regional management framework for South Pacific longline fisheries

    Philipson, P.W.; Evans, D.; Brown, C.; Green, G.; Barnabas, N. (South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency, 2007)
    The principal objective of this study was to determine if additional net benefits can be derived from the sub-regional longline fishery by the introduction of a new management agreement that would centre on the provision of licensing arrangements that would allow access by eligiblelongline vessels to multiple Exclusive Economic Zones, i.e. Multi-zone Access. [90pp.]
  • An assessment of development options in the longline fishery

    Philipson, P.W. (South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency, 2006)
    The principal objective of this study is to evaluate the benefits that accrue to the national economies as a result of different longline operational models and licensing regimes, computed, for comparability reasons, on a per tonne basis. The primary source for the derivation of these per tonne returns was individual fisheries enterprises currently operating in the sector in the countries chosen for this study. In each case, the company disclosed to the consultant detailed financial, operational and marketing data which has enabled thefindings to be based upon actual empirical data, rather than assumptions or interpretations of current practice and benefit outcomes. Data obtained related principally to the 2005 calendar year. [36pp.]
  • FFA Fisheries Trade Briefing, Vol. 1, Issue 8 & 9, pp. 1-12, July-August 2008

    South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency (South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency, 2008)
    Contents: Fisheries Subsidies. Status of fisheries subsidies talks at the WTO. Preferential Free Trade Agreements. Collapse of Doha Round results in rise of FTAsUpdate on EU Generalised System of Preferences regimeFisheries Trade-related Regulation. Soltai encounters quality problems. Update on Fiji seafood export ban to the EU. EU sanitary inspections in other developing countriesTuna Markets. Developments in the US debate on the mercury content of tuna. Other developments in the US market. Japanese tuna fisheries and seafood markets. Greenpeace tuna campaign moves to the UK. Thai Union predicts growth for 2008. (PDF contains 12 pages)