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  • Mussel recovery and species dynamics at four California rocky intertidal sites: 1992 data report

    Minerals Management Service; Kinnetic Laboratories, Inc. (Minerals Management Service, Pacific OCS Region, 1996-05)
    This is an interim report for a study of mussel recovery and species dynamics at four California rocky intertidal sites. Conducted by Kinnetic Laboratories, Inc. (KLI), and funded by the Minerals Management Service (MMS), the initial experimental field study began in spring 1985and continued through spring 1991. The initial field study included six sites along the central and northern California coast. In 1992, MMS decided to continue the work started by KLI through an in-house study and establishment of the MMS Intertidal (MINT) team. Four of the original six sites have been continued by MMS. The study methods of the original study have been retained by the MINT team, and close coordination with the original KLI team continues.In 1994, the MMS Environmental Studies Program officially awarded a contract to the MINT team for this in-house study. This interim report presents the results from the fall 1992 sampling, the first year of sampling by the MINT team. The report presents a limited statistical analysisand visual comparison of the 1992 data. The next interim report will include data collected during fall 1994 and will present a broader statistical analysis of both the 1992 and 1994 data sets.
  • Study of the rocky intertidal communities of central and northern California: Years III and IV

    Hardin, Dane D.; Foster, Michael S.; Kiguchi, Laurie M.; De Vogelaere, Andrew P. (Kinnetic Laboratories, Inc., 1990-08)
    The study objectives are to describe seasonal and successional variation in rocky intertidal community structure; determine the response of rocky intertidal communities to natural and human-induced disturbances and correlate these responses with successional, seasonal, and latitudinal variation; and correlate life history information and oil toxicity data with data from this and other relevant studies. The Year III and IV report is for the third (1987) and fourth (1988) years of a five-year field experimental study investigating two biological assemblages, the Mytilus assemblage and the Endocladia/Mastocarpus papillatus assemblage, that are being studied at six sites along the California coast.Volume I includes the report, Appendix A, and Appendix B.Volume II includes Appendix C.Volume III includes Appendix D.Volume IV includes Appendix E and Appendix F.Volume V includes Appendix G, Appendix H, and Appendix I.