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  • Observations biologiques sur les Stomatopodes

    Serene, Raoul (Institut Océanographique de Nhatrang (Viet-Nam)Vietnam, 1954)
    The present study deals with a systemic revision of Stomatopods belonging to the collection of the Institut Oceanographique de Nhatrang (Vietnam).
  • Nudibranches du Viet-Nam

    Risbec, Jean (Gouvernement Général de l'IndochineSaigon, 1956)
    This study deals with detailed descriptions of nudibranchs belonging to the collection of the Oceanographic Institute of Vietnam.
  • Les hapalocarcinidés du Viet-Nam

    Fize, Antoinette; Serene, Raoul (Institut Océanographique de NhatrangHai Hoc Vien, Nhatrang, 1942)
    Serene (1936) and Dawydoff (1952) reported several species of Hapalocarcinids on Indochina corals. This study does not aim to a revision of known species, but a preparatory work for next revisions. A great part of their work was dedicated to the description of species; two preliminary notes had already described 12 new species. This work interested 22 species, 6 already known, 12 already described briefly and 4 new.
  • Les batraciens de l'Indochine

    Bourret, René (Gouvernement Général de l'IndochineHanoi, 1942)
    This study on batrachians follows two previous works on Indochinese fauna, "Snakes of Indochina" and "Marine turtles of Indochina" by the same author. Hand drawings with all relevant details of every species have been included.
  • La pêche dans le eaux douces du Cambodge

    Chevey, P.; Le Poulain, F. (Gouvernement Général de l'IndochineSaigon, 1940)
    The importance of water in Cambodia's economy has always greatly impressed scientists and their work. This trend is spread over a period of more than 70 years. There were three distinct phases in the history of fishing and fish research in Cambodia. The phase of isolated workers (1865-1923), the phase of the first gathered researches, corresponding to the beginning of the work of the Oceanographic Institute of Indochina (1923-1936), and finally close cooperation phase between the Institute Oceanographic and Protectorate, inaugurated in 1936. The purpose of this 5th Memoire is exposing the knowledge on fishing activities in Cambodia in 1936.
  • Oiseaux des Iles Paracels

    Delacour, J.; Jabouille, P. (Gouvernement Général de l'IndochineSaigon, 1930)
    A survey on birds living on the Paracels Islands has been carried out by the two authors in 1926. During a research cruise, they visited some of the 36 islands composing the Paracels archipelago and list three bird families (Laridés, Stéganopodés, Zostéropidés) and their sub-families.
  • La forme des récifs coralliens et le régime des vents alternants

    Krempf, A. (Gouvernement Général de l'IndochineSaigon, 1927)
    This paper deals with the development of crescent-shaped reefs in the China Sea under control of northwest and southeast monsoon winds alternating in direction seasonally. The transport of sediment derived from windward side to leeward around reef ends has been studied. A description of the analogy of these large structures with individual coral colonies developing in similar manner under current action as micro atolls has given.
  • Zoanthaires du Viet-Nam

    Pax, Ferdinand; Müller, Ingeborg (1954)
    The present note deals with a description of Zoanthids found on the coast of Vietnam.
  • Liste complémentaire des poissons marins de Nha-trang

    Fourmanoir, P.; Do-Thi, Nhu-Nhung (1965)
    This commented inventory of 310 fishes of Nhatrang Bay (Vietnam) completed the previous list compiled by P. Chevey, P. Chabanaud, J. Durand et Quang.
  • Une estimation de l'épaisseur de la croute terrestre au-dessous de la Mer de Chine

    Nguyen, Hai (1965)
    Study on the dispersion of Rayleigh waves across the China Sea in 1964 has given following conclusions:- Thickness of the crust below the Sea could be varied from 12 to 15 km according to the area. -There would be a slight diminution of the thickness when the Sea depth becomes deeper. - Central part of the Sea very probably belongs to the regional character no. 3 of Santo. The present work is known as the first which estimates particularly the thickness of the crust below the China Sea.
  • Les poissons d'importance commerciale au Viet-Nam

    Tran, Ngoc Loi; Nguyén, Cháu (1964)
    The fishery products represent one of the most important resources in Vietnam. The paper focuses on distribution, fishing gears, fishing seasons and current use of commercial fish species.
  • L'étagement du peuplement littoral sur les cȏtes rocheuses du Vietnam

    Pham, Hoang Ho (1963)
    So far, the assessment of Vietnamese coastal bios has not been thoroughly researched yet. Only two short notes of P. H. Fischer in 1952 on the coast of Indochina and Cap Saint-Jacques (Vungtau) can be cited. This paper gives a summary of work carried out since 1956. The study was conducted using measurements and sketches made on site and after photos.
  • La pêche aux matières explosives

    Nguyèn, Cháu; Phan, Hay (1962)
    Fishing with explosives dates back to previous times. It was practiced by few Vietnamese fishermen. The practice is widespread in the country during the last fifteen years due to the increasing availability of explosives. Certainly this method gives some significant advantages: it is easy to apply, inexpensive and promptly profitable. But we cannot underestimate the incalculable damages caused by bursting, disorder and desolation. Some of our fishermen, attracted by immediate gain, accomplished a work of terrible devastation. The following paper does not aim to encourage fishermen to develop and modernize fishing methods but it gives the results of an investigation on dangerous fishing methods.
  • Éponges intercoditales de Nha Trang (Viet Nam)

    Lévi, Claude (1961)
    Thanks to the effort of many spongologists from worldwide, we know the most common sponges in the Indo-Pacific area. The author gives a description of 28 intertidal sponges collected in Nha Trang, Vietnam.
  • Propagation des ondes longitudinales dans le noyau terrestre d'après les séismes profonde des Iles Fidji

    Nguyen, Hai (1961)
    Observations from three deep focus earthquakes, of focal depth 600 km, originating in the Fiji Islandsregion, have permitted to trace the travel-time curves for the longitudinal waves travelling through the earth's core. Of principal importance is the travel-time table for the phase PKP1 which has been given upto 158° and for which the data so far were incomplete. Other important phases observed between 103 and 143° have been illustrated and their travel-time curves drawn.
  • Faune malacologique terrestre des Iles Paracels

    Saurin, Edmond (1958)
    The author presents a study on the land shells of the Paracel Islands, group of islands, reefs, banks and other maritime features in the South China Sea. The archipelago includes about 130 small coral islands and reefs, most grouped into the northeast Amphitrite Group or the western Crescent Group. It is approximately equidistant from the coastlines of China and Vietnam.
  • Eumedoninae du Viet-Nam (Crustacea) (avec un bibliographie de la sous-famille)

    Serene, Raoul; Tran, Van Duc; Nguyen, Van Luom (1958)
    This study provides elements for the revision of the subfamily Eumedoninae. The detailed description of the specimens led to the presence of characters that are common to different genera and many species. A bibliography and a list of genera and species of the subfamily identified in this bibliography is given.
  • Aperçu sur le peuplement littoral de la Pointe de Câuda (Nhatrang)

    Pham, Hoang Ho (1958)
    The Nha Trang Bay (latitude 12°15'N) and central areas of Vietnam present strong ecological differences from other parts of the country.
  • Observations sur Orthopagurus Harmsi Gordon

    Serene, Raoul (1957)
    During 1955 researching activities on Hapalocarcinidés in the Nhatrang Bay, the author collected blocks of Montipora verrucosa, genre Hexacoralliaire, and he found an Orthopagurus Harmsi Gordon, never harvested on the coral before. In this paper the author gave a detailed description.
  • Note préliminaire sur quatre espèces nouvelles d'Hapalocarcinidae, avec quelques remarques au sujet du Cryptochirus rugosus Edmonson

    Fize, Antoinette; Serene, Raoul (1955)
    This note briefly describes four new species of Hapalocarcinidae: Cryptochirus tri, Troglocarcinus edmonsoni, Troglocarcinus sheni, Troglocarcinus stimpsoni

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