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  • Investigating the effect of various trap (gargoor) mesh size on the fish catch composition and abundance in Bushehr Province

    Shabani, Mohammad Javad; Kamrani, E.; Yahyavi, M. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteBandar Abbas, Iran, 2008)
    In this study was conducted from February and March 2007 to June and July 2007. ...
  • Identification taura syndrome virus by polymerase chain reaction and histopathology in Litopenaeuse vannamei

    Arefzadeh, Seyed Abbas; Afsharnasab, M.; Dashtiannasab, A.; Mohammadi, Gh.H. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2008)
    During 2006 to 2007 Litopenaeus vannamei was dominant cultured species in Bousher and Khouzestan .....
  • Studying some biological aspects of Acanthopagrus latus in Khore Mosa Creecks

    Halalat, Seyed Saleh; Savari, A.; Safahieh, A.R. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2000)
    In order to study some biological aspects of Acanthopagrus latus Persian Gulf ....
  • Broodstock from cultured Penaeus indicus for mass production of larvae

    Azhdari, Heshmatollah; Emadi, H. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2000)
    In order to produce broodstock from cultued shrimps , two groups of 1247 and 3781 ....
  • Studies on primary production of Mahshahr creeks

    Khalfe Nilsaz, Mansoor; Koochnin, P.; Nabavi, S.M.B. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 1989)
    The study of primary production in Mahshar area creeks.....
  • Effect of brood size on reproduction indices and growth in larvae to stage fingerling of Shibot (Barbus grypus)

    Bosak Kahkesh, Foroud; Yavari, V.; Eskandari, Gh.R.; Mohammadi, Gh.H. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2008)
    This study was carried out to determine the effect of size of Barbus grypus broodstocks on reproductive ...
  • Estimating growth parameters and catch status of Tenualosa ilisha in Khouzestan

    Roomiani, Laleh; Khodadadi, M.; Mohammadi, Gh.H. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2007)
    Hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) locally known as Soboor is a valuable and shared fish stock in the Northern Persian Gulf ......
  • Study of consumed water quality and output effluents of active shrimp culture farm at Choebdeh zone in Abadan

    Varshovi, Shohreh; Yavari, V.; Nabavi, M.B.; Rasekh, A.R. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2002)
    By growing the population fishing and use water resources were developed and cause impacts on natural resources. ...
  • Production and preservation proceeding of rotifer resting eggs for aquaculture

    Sheikh, Ghafoor; Azari Takami, Gh.; Babaie, Gh.R. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteNoor, Iran, 1997)
    The maine pupose of this research has been prepared and produced of Rotifers .....
  • Effects of handling, crowding and anesthesia stress on some hormonal, biochemical and hematological factors of young reared beluga (Huso huso)

    Bavarsad, M.; Bahmani, M.; Peyghan, R.; Mohseni, M. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2008)
    Fish are easily stressed by handling, crowding and transport and stress can result in immuno-suppression, physical injury or even death. ....
  • Identification and density determination of ichthyoplankton (fish larvae) in west and east of Khure Mussa channel

    Koochaknejad, Emad; Savari, A.; Dehghan Madiseh, S.; Eskandari, Gh.R.; Sakhaiee, N. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteKhorramshar, Iran, 2009)
    The study of fish larvae population in east and west coasts of Khure Mussa channel in Khouzestan province (Persian Gulf) was carried out. ..
  • Biology and distribution of grouper (Epinephelus coioides) in province waters (Abadan Bhrakan)

    Khodadadi, M.; Emadi, H.; Vosoughi, Gh.; Taghavi Motlagh, S.A. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2002)
    This survay has been done from Januray 2000 till May 2002 in Khouzestan costal waters. Four species of grouper were identified from which orange spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) was the dominant species. For studing environmental parameters and reproductive biology, age, growth parameters and mortality rate samples were collected by fishing ship. Samples were taken montly in 4 days by fishing traps and trawls. In addition, some samples were obtained from Khozestan fish landing centres. Environmental factors such as PH, 02, salinity, water temperature and depth of traping areas, were measured. To identify species, morphometric characteries of 452 individal fishes were measured. Stomach contents of 394 fish were has survaid, from which stomach of 226 fish, and 168 fish had empty stomachs. Percentage of empty stomachs (cv) in males was more than females. Food items found in 73 percent of stomach were crab (11%), shrimps (8.8%) , squids (3.9%), gastropods (17%) and bivalves (0.4%). Feeding intensity in year classes did not obay logic trends The importance relatively indicator (I.R.I) were 81, 9.9, 4, 1.5 and 0.3 percent for fish, crab, shrimp, squid, gastropod and bivalve respectively. For age determination, sagita otoliths of 450 fish were taken and countable sections were obtained from 425 specimens. Relative frequency distribution of opaque and transparent rings showed that each opaque growth ring generates once a year from November to September. It seemed that generation of opaque rings is affected by temperature and photoperiod changes. Correlation between length and age was calculated using Von Bertalanffy's least square method. Following equasion was obtaind: L(t) : 122.27 (1 e 0.146 (t+0.482)) Growth parameters were determined through by Ford Walford equasion and Response Surface and Shepherd subcommands in Elefan program and L00 and K amounts were have determined. Correlation between length and age of 635 fish was determined by gender . Length and age correlation was calculated by exponential model and between total length and standard length by straghit line model. Correlation between age and weight of sagita was calculated by total length and age. The most Correlation was between sagita weight and fish age (r=0.876). Total mortality rate (z) was estimated by Length Converthed Method , Jones and Vanzaling and Powel Wetherall. Total mortality rate was z=0.39. Natural mortality rate, using Pauly method was calculated M=0.32. Fishing mortality (F) was 0.08. Gonads of 425 fishes were surveid within 18 month, from which 363 were female, 46 were male and 16 were sex reversing individuals .Total length of females varied from 26 to 95.5 centimeters while males length varied from 56.5 to 107 centimeters. Sex reversing individuals had a length of 47.5 centimeters, when two years old and 62.5 centimeters at age of 3 years. From the mentioned 425 fish, 401 individuals were matured, containing 339 females and 62 males, 5.47 females against each male. Montly changes of Gonadosomatic Index (GSI) by total body weight and standard length and total body length showed that this index increases from march to May and maximum increase was in May . This experiment was adapted in spawning season. Potential, relative, and absoulate fecundity was estimated by counting eggs in three samples. Total amount of traped fish using special traps was 16182.18 kg from which Epinephelus coioides provided catching 15353.43 kg of it (91.27 %) and By catch was 141.18 kg (8.24 %). Total average CPUE for whole catch was 123.33 kg/day/vessel. Total amount of catch was estimated 232.04 tons, considering CPUE of total catch and total Khuzestan trap ships effort.
  • Phytoplanktons identification and water quality investigation of bahmanshir river (from Haffar branch to estuary of river-Persian Gulf)

    Faal, Zeinab; Savari, A.; Karbasi, A.; Dehghan Madiseh, S. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2007)
    bahmanshir river is one the two karoon branches that is branched in Haffar place (located between abadan & Khoramshahr city). This tidal river 80 Km ....
  • Feeding biology of Chirocentrus nudus in coastal waters of Khouzestan province

    Riazi, Sepideh; Khodadadi, M.; Bahmani, M. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2008)
    Chirocentrus nudus with English name: whitefin wolf-herring and Iranian name: Kharoo baleh sefid, is one of Persian Gulf fishes, which here is little knowledge about its living and .....
  • The study of the Nitrogen and Phosphorus concentration and some of the physicochemical parameters change in karkheh Reservior and determining of budget

    Kianersi, F.; Parham, H.; Ghafarzadeh, N.; Dehghan Madiseh, S. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 2004)
    This project was conducted to survey the changes of Nitrogen and Phosphorous in Karkheh reservoir and determine it's budget with the support of south Iranian Fisheries Research Center from January 2002 to December 2003. ....
  • Assessing the microflora changes of fermented sauce prepared from intestine of Iranian sturgeon fishes in Caspian Sea

    Nikoueian, Arash; Keyvan, A. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2000)
    In this project we showed that preparation of fish sauce from intestine of Iranian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus), Russian sturgeon (acipenser gueldenstaedtii) and bluga ...
  • Investigation of some biological characteristics of liza klunzingeri in coastal water of Khouzestan Province

    Javadzadeh, Narges; ValiNassab, T.; Seifabadi, J. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2005)
    Some reproduction characteristic of Liza klunzingeri were studied during one year period in 2003. ...
  • Evaluation of Cryopreserved sperm of the grouper, Epinephelus coioides

    Eidi Vandi, Sirous; Edris, M.A.; Amirinya, S.; Mahboobi soofiani, N. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteAhvaz, Iran, 1997)
    Epinephelus coioides as a protogynous hermaphrodite. among caged brood stock, functional females appear ....
  • The effect of marine fish cage culture on macrobenthos community in Ghazale creek (North west of Persian Gulf)

    Jahani, Najmeh; Nabavi, S.M.B.; Yavari, V.; Seyed Mortezaei, S.R.; Dehghan Madiseh, S. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteKhorramshar, Iran, 2008)
    Following of aquaculture activities increasing and important, the evaluation of the effect of this activities on marine ecosystem seem to be necessary. ...
  • growth parameters and mortality rates of Talang Queenfish (Scomberoides commersonnianus) in southeastern coastal water of Iran

    Ahmadian Hosseini, Shahram; Taghavi Motlagh, S.A.; Seyfabadi, J.; Hosseini, A. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteNoor, Iran, 2004)
    Growth parameters, mortality and exploitation rates were estimated from monthly lenght frequency samples (March 2002 to Feburary 2003) for .....

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