Dépôts récents

  • The ocean we want: inclusive and transformative ocean science

    Pelegri, Josep Lluis; Gili, Josep-Maria; Martinez de Albeniz, Maria Victoria (Institut de Ciències del Mar, CSIC, 2022)
    Scientists and technicians at research and technology centres have the great fortune to work on topics that are interesting and creative and that can contribute to the healthy development of the human species. The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development makes this challenge clear at a time when the anthropic impact of global change and climate change urges us to take a new course and to seek new models for interacting with each other and with nature. The Ocean Decade focuses on the greatness and complexity of the oceans, which give ocean sciences the opportunity to become inclusive and transformative, to create a shared future of social justice, environmental sustainability and individual and collective human evolution.