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  • DITTO Programme Whitepaper

    Bahurel, Pierre; Brönner, Ute; Buttigieg, Pier-Luigi; Chai, Fei; Chassignet, Eric; Devey, Colin; Fanjul, Enrique Alvarez; Hill, Katherine; Yong Kim, Sung; Kollert, Joana; et al. (DITTO Programme of the UN Ocean Decade, 2023)
    This white paper provides an outline of the concept of digital twins of the ocean and lays out the challenges, opportunities for action, and suggestions for their implementation as defined by the UN Decade Action “Digital Twins of the Ocean” (DITTO).
  • Transformational Opportunities for People, Ocean, and Planet.

    Lorin, Fries; Everett, Jeanne; Davies, Neil (Blue Climate Initiative, Tetiaroa Society, 2021)
    In 2020, the Blue Climate Initiative engaged with sixty multidisciplinary scientists and academic experts to identify the most promising Transformational Opportunities (TOPS) to address climate change using the power of the ocean, while serving humanity’s needs. Their insights are published in six thematic papers centered on food and nutrition, marine energy and transportation, biodiversity and nature-based solutions, mineral and genetic resources, health and well-being, and sustainable tourism. This Compendium presents over forty such TOPS that can sustain Earth’s people, steward our ocean, and heal our planet.