Recent Submissions

  • Nuevos datos sobre la geología del Golfo de México y el Mar Caribe

    Melnik, V. I.; Zernestki, B. F. (1969)
    Serie Oceanoógica
    New marine geological data of Cuban shelf were obtained during Cuban-Soviet Expedition of 1964-1965. The micro and macrofauna and substancial composition were studied. Bentonic foraminifera appeared over 100 m depth in the Gulf of Mexico. The muds were the most caracteristic sediment of the Caribbean Sea. The composition or rare rock was studied in the Yucatan Strait. With a big content of Si, Al, Mg, Ca, Fe and Ti was noted a low content of Na. This is not characterisc on eruptioned calcareous rocks.
  • Respiración y algunas particularidades de la alimentación del ostión Crassostrea Rhizophorae Guilding

    Jmeliova, N. N.; Sanz, J. (1969)
    Serie Oceanología
    The oysters natural distribution on magroves at the Ortigosa Bay was investigated. Equations (y 0.137x - 0.0008 and x 0.13552z-0.00010) for the dependence between the oyster body dry weigth (y), the wet weithg and the total weithg with the valves (z) was calculate. Other equations were obtenained.
  • Resultados preliminares sobre zooplancton y su luminiscencia en la región oriental del Mar Caribe

    Artiomkin, A. S.; Flilimonov, V. S.; Baldina, E. P.; Greze, V. N. (1969)
    Serie Oceanológica
    142 samples of the eastern of the Caribbean Sea were analysed.The study of samples showed that there are not distintions in the differents zones investigated of plankton productivity and that the plankton composition and distribution are monotone in all cross section. The experiment established that thirty species of various zooplankton groups are luminiscent. The maximun of luminiscense occurs at 50 m depth. The development of electronic equipment are considered.
  • Guía para los tiburones de aguas cubanas

    Guitart Manday, Darío (1968)
    Serie Oceanológica
    Importante guía para identificar distintas especies de tiburones de las aguas cubanas, Golfo de México, Mar Caribe y Océano Atlántico cercano a Cuba. Posee ilustraciones.