Recent Submissions

  • Caracterização e distribuição do fitoplâncton na zona norte da costa angolana em Agosto de 2002.

    Paulo André de Sousa Coelho (Universidade Agostino Neto, Luanda, 2007)
  • A collection of marine fishes from Angola, with notes on new distribution records

    Denis Tweddle; Eric Anderson (2007)
    Smithiana. Bulletin
    Collections of fishes from demersal trawl surveys to 800 m depth off the Angolan coast in 2001, 2002 and 2005 resulted in several range extensions tabulated here. Specimens of species poorly represented in previous collections allowed improved diagnoses of Myxine ios, Torpedo bauchotae, Dysommina rugosa, Pisodonophis semicinctus, Xenomystax congroides, Lestidiops cadenati, Ophidion lozanoi, Cataetyx bruuni, Dibranchus atlanticus, Diceratias pileatus, Himantolophus paucifilosus, Neomerinthe folgori, Careproctus albescens, Paracaristius maderensis and Pachycara crossacanthum. All specimens accessioned into the Fish Collection of the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity are listed and colour plates show a selection of species from the trawl catches