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dc.coverage.spatialWestern Indian Oceanen
dc.description.abstractThis volume of tuna statistics for the West Indian Ocean (WIO) is the second to be based on the "New tuna" program. It includes the figures for 1992 as well as 1993. Due to the necessity of rapidly publishing 1993 statistics only one volume has been produced for the whole year and not one for each quarter. In future the whole year and not one for each quarter. In future the system of publishing a Tuna Bulletin each quarter will be reverted to. Due to the inclusion of trips which started at the end of 1992 but which finished in early 1993 the 1992 total catch has been revised upwards from 273,852 MT. published in the last Tuna Bulletin to 278,218 MT. The initial estimate for the total WIO purse seine tuna catch for 1993 is 263,918 MT. However, this figure may also be revised upwards when trips starting in late 1993 and finishing in early 1994 are included in the first quarterly Tuna Bulletin of 1994. The number of purse seiners fishing in the WIO reached a maximum of 55 in February 1993. Fishing activity was only very slightly greater in the first six months of the year when some 7,310 days were fished compared to 6,919 days in the second six months. The mean catch rate was 19.13 MT/fishing days in 1993 compared with 19.55 MT/fishing day in 1992. The most active month was January when 54 vessels accumulated 1,420 fishing days or 26.29 fishing days/vessel. The least active month was December when 30 vessels reported fishing 474 days or only 15.8 fishing days/vessel (this figure is likely to change in the next Tuna Bulletin when more data are included). Compared to 1992 the proportion of yellow fin increased slightly from 35% of the catch to 38% in 1993. Skipjack has declined slightly from 55% to 53%. Readers should be aware that this catch composition is NOT scientific. It is based on the assessment of the fishermen who write the fishing log and maybe biased. A total of 188,957 MT of tuna was transshipped by purse seiners in Port Victoria in 1993. This represents about 72% of the estimated WIO purse seine tuna catch for 1993. This is a considerable change from 1992 when only 58% (with revised figures) of the WIO purse seine tuna catch was transshipped in Victoria. It should be noted that the figures in table 3 represent the transshipment of vessels whose trips ended in the month indicated NOT the actual month of physical transshipment of the catch. The most busy month for transshipment was October when 31 vessels landed 24,224 MT. This was an average of 781 MT/vessel. The least busy month was May when 13 vessels landed 6,111 MT or 470 MT/vessel.en
dc.titleSeychelles tuna bulletin for 1993en
dc.contributor.corpauthorSeychelles Fishing Authority
dc.description.otherTuna statisticsen
dc.subject.asfaPurse seinersen
dc.subject.asfaTuna fisheriesen

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