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dc.coverage.spatialWestern Indian Oceanen
dc.description.abstractThe number of purse seiners active in the western Indian Ocean average 41 during the fourth quarter compared to 49 vessels during the same period last year. Fishing activity was high during the first half of the year with a record of 54 vessels present in February and March. The overall fishing results for the year were not as good as those previously recorded in the last three years. Catch rates averaged 16MT/day compared to 18 MT/day in 1989 and 22 MT/day in 1988, attaining a similar level to results of 1986. This was due to poor fishing conditions during January to May causing several vessels to leave the Indian Ocean in June. However this situation changed as catch rates improved during the second half of the year, with exceptionally high yellow fin catches for this period. The overall catches for the year showed increased proportions of yellow fin at 46% with a corresponding decline in skip jack (52%) compared to 31% and 67% respectively in 1989. The cumulative catch by purse seiners in the Western Indian Ocean based on logbooks received by 31st December now stands at 193,000 MT for 1990. It is expected that the annual catch for 1990 will almost reach the level of 1989, when 227,000 MT were recorded. During 1990 fishing agreements with the European Community and the Soviet Fishing Company (SOVRYFLOT) were renewed for a two year period. Seven additional purse-seiners (six Spanish, one French) were operating under private licenses.en
dc.titleSeychelles tuna bulletin : fourth quarter 1990en
dc.contributor.corpauthorSeychelles Fishing Authority
dc.description.otherTuna statistic, longlinersen
dc.subject.asfaPurse seinersen
dc.subject.asfaTuna fisheriesen

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