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dc.contributor.authorAggrey-Fynn, J.
dc.contributor.authorSackey-Mensah, R.
dc.coverage.spatialCape Coasten
dc.description.abstractThe diversity and relative species abundance of fisheries resources were studied from Winneba to Cape Coast on the central coast of Ghana during December 2007 to May 2009. Samples of organisms were collected at random from beach seine landings during the study period. The fishes were counted and identified to the family and species levels. Ecological indices such as Shannon-Wiener diversity index, equitability and Sørenson’s similarity index were used to analyse the data. Specimens from Winneba, Saltpond and Cape Coast comprise 56 species belonging to 30 families. Carangidae, Haemulidae, Clupeidae and Sciaenidae were some of the families, where key species occurred during the study. The relative abundance of key organisms in the beach seine landings include Chloroscombrus chrysurus (26.0%) in 2007, Brachydeuterus auritus (22.8%) in 2008, Ilisha africana (14.7%) in 2008, Sardinella aurita (13.1%) in 2009 and Selene dorsalis (11.2%) in 2007. The organisms that were in low relative abundance were Acanthurus monroviae, Penaeus notialis, Galeoides decadactylus and Trichiurus lepturus. Shannon-Wiener diversity index, estimated in the study, ranged from 2.54 to 2.83. Species equitability range was 0.67–0.77, and the Sørenson’s similarity estimated ranged was 0.66–0.69. The estimations of fish species diversity and equitability were higher (H’ = 2.83; J’ = 0.77) during the 2009 study in the central coast of Ghana. The similarity indicators in the various paired periods during the study showed considerable similarity in the organisms that were exploited by the beach seine in the area. The study explains the linkage between the diversity and relative species abundance of the coastal fisheries resources and offshore marine resources in Ghana, and the need to regulate beach seine operations in order not to over exploit the juvenile stocks.en
dc.titleSpecies Diversity and Relative Abundance of Fisheries Resources Found in Beach Seine along the Central Coast of Ghanaen
dc.description.otherCoastal fisheries resourcesen
dc.description.otherOffshore marine resourcesen
dc.relation.referencesAggrey-Fynn J. (2008). The fishery of Balistes capriscus (Balistidae) in Ghana and possible reasons for its collapse. (PhD Thesis.) University of Bremen, Bremen. 110 pp. (Available at Armah A. K. and Amalalo D. S. (1998). Coastal zone profile of Ghana. Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem Project. Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology, Accra, Ghana. 111 pp. Bannerman P. O., Koranteng K. A. and Yeboah C. A. (2001). Report on the Canoe Frame Survey, Ghana. Information 31. Marine Fisheries Research Division, Tema. 123 pp. Blay J. Jr. (1997). Occurrence and Diversity of Juvenile Marine Fishes in two Brackishwater Systems in Ghana. Biodiver. Conserv. 113–119. Brower J. E., Zar J. H. and von Ende C. N. (1990). Field and Laboratory Methods for General Ecology, 3rd edn. Wm. C. Brown Publishers. 237 pp. EIA (2009). Ghana Jubilee Field Phase I Development. Environmental Impact Statement, Tullow Ghana Ltd. GCLME (2006). Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis. A Programme of the Governments of the Guinea Current Large Marine Ecosystem (GCLME) c o u n t r i e s , a s s i s t e d b y G E F / U N I D O / U N D P / U N E P / U S - NOAA/NEPAD/FAO and IMO. 175 pp. Krebs C. J. (1999). Ecological Methodology. Addison-Welsey Educational Publishers Inc, Canada. 620 pp. Krohne D. T. (2001). General Ecology. 2nd edn. Brooks/Cole, London. 512 pp. Kwei E. A. and Ofori-Adu D. W. (2005). Fishes in the coastal waters of Ghana. Ronna Publishers, Tema. 108 pp. Lasiak T.A. (1984). Structural aspects of the surf-zone fish assemblage at King’s Beach, Alogoa Bay, South Africa: Short term fluctuation. Estuar Coast Shelf Sci. 18: 347-360. Mehl S., Alvheim O. and Quaatey S. N. K. (2004). Surveys of the fish resources of the Western Gulf of Guinea (Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire). Survey of the pelagic and demersal resources 14 May–08 June 2004. NORAD-FAO/UNDP project GCP/INT/730/NOR. Cruise reports Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway. 59 pp. Mehl S., Olsen M. and Bannerman P. O. (2005). Surveys of the fish resources of the Western Gulf of Guinea (Benin, Togo, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire). Survey of the pelagic and demersal resources 3–29 May 2005. NORAD-FAO/UNDP project GCP/INT/730/NOR. Cruise reports Dr. Fridtjof Nansen, Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway. 63 pp. Mensah M.A and Quaatey S. N. K. (2002). An Overview of Fishery Resources and Fishery Research in the Gulf of Guinea. In The Gulf of Guinea Large Marine Ecosystem:Environmental Forcing and Sustainable Development of Marine Resources. (J. M. McGlade, P. Cury, K. A. Koranteng and N. J. Hardman-Mountford. eds). Elsevier, Amsterdam. MFRD (1993). Occurrence of demersal fish species off Winneba and Saltpond: Their abundance and distribution in relation to the marine environment.Mar. Fish. Res. Rep. 9: 1–88. MFRD (2002). Focus on the marine fisheries research division. Directorate of Fisheries, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana. 8 pp. MoFA (2003). Ghana: Post Harvest Fisheries Overview. Directorate of Fisheries, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana. 70 pp. Molles, M. C. (1999). Ecology: Concepts and Applications. McGraw-Hill, London, 509 pp. Nash R. D. M. and Santos R. S. (1998). Seasonality in diel rate of small fishes in a shallow water fish assemblage at Port Pim Bay, Faial and Azores. Estuar Coast Shelf Sci. 47: 319–328. Nunoo F. K. E., Asem-Hiablie S. and Patu D. O. (2007). Trends in fish species diversity found in nearshore marine waters along the coast of Ghana, West Africa. Ghana J. Sci. 9: 10-19. Pielou E. C. (1966). The measurement of diversity in different types of biological collections. J. Theoret. Biol. 13: 131–44. Schneider W. (1990). Field Guide to the Commercial Marine Resources of the Gulf of Guinea. FAO Species Identification Sheet for Fishery Purposes. FAO, Rome. 268 pp. Yankson K. and Obodai E. A. (1999). An update of the number, types and distribution of coastal lagoons in Ghana. Ghana J. Sci. (Special edition). 3: 26–31.en
dc.subject.agrovocMarine resourcesen
dc.subject.asfaRelative abundanceen
dc.subject.asfaCoastal fisheriesen

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