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dc.contributor.authorLópez-Victoria, Mateo
dc.contributor.authorJurczyk, Matthias
dc.contributor.authorWolters, Volkmar
dc.coverage.spatialMalpelo Island - Colombiaen
dc.identifier.citationBoletin De Investigaciones Marinas Y Costeras, 42 (2), p. 1-319en
dc.description.abstractThe Colombian leaf-toed gecko (Phyllodactylus transversalis) is the least known reptile species of Malpelo Island (Eastern Tropical Pacific). In the 37 years since its original description, no single study strictly dedicated to this species has been conducted. With the goal of providing information on the ecology and population size of this gecko, data collected during two visits to the island are presented. Behavior and reproduction were studied by following individuals during the night and by searching for hidden individuals and eggs during the day. Population’s density and habitat preferences were estimated by classifying the island’s surfaces into four types and counting geckos inside those habitats within band transects. General morphological measurements of geckos were performed as reference points for future comparisons. Phyllodactylus transversalis lays its eggs in narrow crevices of rocks, apparently communally. Reproduction seems to take place during most of the year, probably associated with the peak breeding season of seabirds. Although conspecifics shared shelters during the day, densities during the night suggest no apparent habitat preference for foraging. Population size of this species was estimated at approximately 114000 individuals.en
dc.description.sponsorshipInstituto de Investigaciones Marinas y Costeras "INVEMAR"en
dc.titleNotes on the ecology of the colombian leaftoed gecko (phyllodactylus transversalis), endemic to malpelo islanden
dc.title.alternativeNotas sobre la ecología del geco Phyllodactylus transversalis, endémico de la isla
dc.typeJournal Contribution*
dc.bibliographicCitation.titleBoletin De Investigaciones Marinas Y Costerasen
dc.description.otherPhyllodactylus transversalis, behavior, reproduction, habitat preference, population size.en
dc.relation.referencesCalero, D., M. López-Victoria and P. Chacón de Ulloa. 2011. Composición y estructura trófica de los macroinvertebrados terrestres de la isla Malpelo, Pacífico colombiano. Bol. Invest. Mar. Cost., 40(Supl. Esp.): 155-173. Dixon, J. R. and R. B. Huey. 1970. Systematics of the lizards of the gekkonid genus Phyllodactylus of mainland South America. Los Angeles County Mus. Contrib. Sci., 192: 1-78. Gamble, T., A. Bauer, E. Greenbaum and T. Jackman. 2008. Out of the blue: a novel, trans-Atlantic clade of geckos (Gekkota, Squamata). Zoologica Scripta, 37 (4): 355-366. Gorman, G. C. and T. L. Chorba. 1975. Terrestrial biology of Malpelo Island: a historical review. Smithson. Contrib. Zool., 176: 9-12. Huey, R. B. 1975. A new gecko from Malpelo Island (Sauria: Gekkonidae: Phyllodactylus). Smithson. Contrib. Zool., 176: 44-46. Kiester, A. R. 1975. Notes on the natural history of Diploglossus millepunctatus (Sauria: Anguidae).Smithson. Contrib. Zool., 176: 39-43. Kluge, A. G. 1982. Cloacal bones and sacs as evidence of gekkonoid lizard relationships. Herpetologica,38 (3): 348-355. López-Victoria, M. 2006. The lizards of Malpelo (Colombia): some topics on their ecology and threats.Caldasia, 28: 129-134. López-Victoria, M. and D. M. Rozo. 2006. Model-based geomorphology of Malpelo Island and spatial distribution of breeding seabirds. Bol. Invest. Mar. Cost., 35: 111-131. López-Victoria, M. and B. Werding. 2008. Ecology of the endemic land crab Johngarthia malpilensis(Decapoda:Brachyura: Gecarcinidae), a poorly known species from the Tropical Eastern Pacific.Pac. Sci., 62: 483-493. López-Victoria, M., V. Wolters and B. Werding. 2009. Nazca Booby (Sula granti) inputs maintain the terrestrial food web of Malpelo Island. J. Ornithol., 150 (4): 865-870. López-Victoria, M., P. A. Herrón and J. C. Botello. 2011. Notes on the ecology of the lizards from Malpelo Island. Bol. Invest. Mar. Cost., 40 (Supl. Esp.): 79-89. Rand, A. S., G. C. Gorman and W. M. Rand. 1975. Natural history, behavior and ecology of Anolisagassizi. Smithson. Contrib. Zool., 176: 27-38. Stead, J. A. 1975. Field observations on the geology of Malpelo Island. Smithson. Contrib. Zool., 176: 17-20. Wolda, H. 1975. The ecosystem of Malpelo Island. Smithson. Contrib. Zool., 176: 21-26.en

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