The following are provided to guide you through the various processes to use AquaDocs.  We plan to provide the guides also in languages other than English.

  • AquaDocs Guide for Searching
    This guide provides instructions for browsing and searching AquaDocs, including filtering, sorting, displaying and exporting results, and creating notifications for new publications.
  • AquaDocs Guide for Depositors
    This guide is for depositors who submit metadata and full text items into AquaDocs.
    NOTE: AquaDocs content can be searched and downloaded without registration being required but to deposit records you will need to register and email to request to be allocated permission to deposit into specific Collections.
  • AquaDocs Guide for Editors
    This guide is for Editors who approve, reject or edit items submitted to AquaDocs.
  • AquaDocs Guide for Collections Administrators
    This guide is for Collections Administrators who are able to edit items after they have been published in the repository.

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